About Us

In 2010 forces were joined with the aim of the development of an online platform for the implementation and maintenance of the Safety Management System for safety critical companies and more specific for the aviation industry.

With over two decades of experience in the management of safety and quality we were somewhat disappointed to observe very old-fashioned means of administration.

Motivated by this disappointment we did a study on time spent with administrating safety and quality matters. We found that it involved around 25% of the time for a quality manager and around 29% of the time of the safety manager. On top of this the control of airline documentation was such that more than 50% of the time was absorbed by pure administrative processes. Those processes also have a high risk of failing since they often rely on a single person, rather than on a well-defined and monitored process.

The obvious next step was to determine if and how these processes could be improved. The development of a cloud-based platform became our new challenge. In 2011 we started the development of AvioData. Initially the actions module (electronic CAR form), the event report (ASR reporting form) and the document control modules were developed. Beyond our first trials of the system we developed a multitude of modules wich advanced the usability of our system. By now AviaData is a complete management tool that makes management of your airline much more efficient.

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